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Personaly I am not a sweet tooth (just give me spices and I will be happy) but I have to introduce you guys with my favourite cake recepie. I loved this cake when I was a child, and my mom still bakes it perfectly. Fruit and cream are perfect combinations. Cake is light and based on fruit. So why not to try...:)

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Greta Macabre’s ”Ice Wind Cake.” for
Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague


Egg white, 9 small
Granulated Sugar, 300 grams
apple vinegar, 1 tbsp

Cake cream:
Egg Yolk, 9 small
Granulated Sugar, 4 tbsp
Wheat flour 4 tbsp
milk 1 cup
Vanilla sugar, 30 grams
Margarine, hard, 200 – 250 grams
Whipped Cream

pressurized, 1.68 cup or 4 deciliters

Kiwi Fruit, 3 fruit without skin, medium
Banana, fresh, 2 small
strawberry, fresh 500 grams about 2 cups

To make the egg white crust you will need to whip the egg whites until you get stiff firm peaks. Then add the sugar and apple vinegar and mix well. Take a baking pan and wipe the bottom or the sides with oil or margarine and place crust mixture inside. Cover with aluminium foil. (oil the inside part of the aluminium folia paper too )

Bake at 180 celsius for 15 to 20 minutes. ( You can tell it is done when the mix has pulled away from the sides.) Place to the side and let cool before gently removing from the pan.
When cooled cut into 3 equal parts ( depending what shape of a cake your making)

While the crust is baking and then cooling this is a perfect time to cut your fruit. Make sure you take the skin off the Kiwi fruit and the stems off the strawberries. We used 1/4 inch slices for all the fruit. One hint is to add a little fresh lemon juice from half a lemon to the bananas as this will prevent them from turning brown.

For the cream, mix the egg yolks with the flour, sugar and a little milk in a bowl until you get a smooth texture, then cook them in the remainder of the milk on medium low heat.

Here you will need to be careful to stir often as it begins to thicken so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.

Pour thickened cake cream into another mixing bowl and allow to cool. When the cream has cooled to luke warm add your margarine and stir until completely incorporated.

When it came time to what one would think was the easiest part, the pressurized whipped cream, it turned into a nightmare. On our third attempt we had used all of the pressurized whipped cream up, so we went vintage and tried to do it the old fashioned way, make it from scratch.

Needless to say while I remember making it with my grandmother with the old hand held beater, all I really learned was how to lick the beater.

So now that you have everything in place, it’s time to put it all together. Starting with the first crust, place it as your bottom layer, place a layer of cream on top of that and then add your sliced bananas. Spread one layer of whipped cream over the bananas.
Take your second layer of crust and place on top of the first layer. Place a layer of cream on top and then place Kiwi over the cream. And then spread whipped cream across the Kiwi.

Take the final piece of cake crust and lay it on top, then add the a layer of cream to the top.Add your strawberries and cover with whipped cream. And finally ice the entire cake with the whipped cream so it is covered. Place in the fridge while everything sets for at least a half hour.

Take it out of the fridge and give praise that your third attempt did not end up as Vincent Price science experiments. Cut, place on plate and eat this wonderfully light, sweet, and fruity cake.

Enjoy your meal!

by Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro Crew and Greta

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