'CECELIA' CHIC pink by Lindy Bop

Hello Darlings...

I am back ...and all shrouded in pink <3 I love pink because it is a bit eccentric...like me...sometimes :) It makes me happy...obviously. Some say that redheads have to avoid pink but I say - go for it!

In fashion I usually go from one extreme to another - from raven black to tropical and vibrant colors.
So...at the moment I my love "Cecelia" Lindy Bop 40's - 50's inspired dress (every "Lindy Bop" dress has own name <3) so I'll write a short review about it...and post some pics.

I usually combine it with some red details, like red retro (thick heel) shoes, hair flowers and red jewelry. I love my red bakelite necklace that I bought at our flee&vtg market "Hrelić" :D (people from Croatia will understand my cheerful smiley) .
With "Cecelia" dress I am usually wearing my pink flamingo brooch (which symbolizes my obsession with these beautiful, wierd birds). Personaly I am really more into wiggle dresses (hourglass girl :)) than circle dresses so this cut is perfect.

Dress Features

  • High quality four way stretch bengaline fabric
  • Structured fitted waist provides lift to the bust and accentuates your natural curves
  • Comfortable to wear and helps create a classic hourglass figure
  • Pleated at front of hem with wehite fabric and decorative buttons
  • See item description below for sizing information

You can also get a dress in black/white combo.

Photos: Anja Photograophy
place: lovey pastry shop Cukeraj (thank you "Cukeraj" crew for lovely location and sweet macarons)
hair flowers: RockRockabilly accessories
MUAH&model: Me

I also wore it to our vintage heritage/swing festival "Dolce Vita".
Photos: Photobilly (Bostjan Tacol)
with Auker and Mony :)
(I am wearing my Sourpuss bag)

Dress to inspire - so maybe you will .receive supercute fanart pic.

Ty Infamy <3

Combine it with pink or burgundy half moon nails...because details are most important! :)

and remember...