The smell of cakes, coffee and nostalgia...

Hello lovelies, maybe you have probably seen photosession done in 
Améliedelicious and domestic pastry shop/cafe located in Zagreb, Croatia...but I also think that you need to read a small story behind these photos...

Is there anyone who does not enjoy the ritual of coffee drinking, especially if it is done in good company with some sweet snacks? Now, add an romantic atmosphere of the old town and you've got Amélie. Amélie is not really a pastry shop, nor cafe. Amélie is a space dedicated to romance and homemade cakes, closeness, whispers and long-lasting discussions. 
I realized photosession with dear and talented Anja Photography (Anja Radikovic). We did shooting in less than an hour so we had some time to grab some cheesecake and coffee/tea. 
Our inspiration were pastel pink colors, flowers and of course cakes :) 

So... Amélie seemed like the perfect place to create story like that. 

Model: Greta MaCabre/Ivana Benko 
MUAH: Greta (me)
Photo by Anja Photography
location: Amélie

Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Motivi
Shirt/Top - H&M
Angora shirt - Vintage
Shorts - Second hand
Bakelite/lucite/plastic bangles mix - vintage/e-bay
Shoes: Bordello/HowCool.com 


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