Grab some cake...

Personaly I am not a sweet tooth (just give me spices and I will be happy) but I have to introduce you guys with my favourite cake recepie. I loved this cake when I was a child, and my mom still bakes it perfectly. Fruit and cream are perfect combinations. Cake is light and based on fruit. So why not to try...:)

Girdle by - Coco's Retro Closet, shoes: HowCool.,nylon scarf: vintage, sakura flower robe: H&M

MUAH: me
models: Greta&Zelda my lovely hound gal

Greta Macabre’s ”Ice Wind Cake.” for
Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague


Egg white, 9 small
Granulated Sugar, 300 grams
apple vinegar, 1 tbsp

Cake cream:
Egg Yolk, 9 small
Granulated Sugar, 4 tbsp
Wheat flour 4 tbsp
milk 1 cup
Vanilla sugar, 30 grams
Margarine, hard, 200 – 250 grams
Whipped Cream

pressurized, 1.68 cup or 4 deciliters

Kiwi Fruit, 3 fruit without skin, medium
Banana, fresh, 2 small
strawberry, fresh 500 grams about 2 cups

To make the egg white crust you will need to whip the egg whites until you get stiff firm peaks. Then add the sugar and apple vinegar and mix well. Take a baking pan and wipe the bottom or the sides with oil or margarine and place crust mixture inside. Cover with aluminium foil. (oil the inside part of the aluminium folia paper too )

Bake at 180 celsius for 15 to 20 minutes. ( You can tell it is done when the mix has pulled away from the sides.) Place to the side and let cool before gently removing from the pan.
When cooled cut into 3 equal parts ( depending what shape of a cake your making)

While the crust is baking and then cooling this is a perfect time to cut your fruit. Make sure you take the skin off the Kiwi fruit and the stems off the strawberries. We used 1/4 inch slices for all the fruit. One hint is to add a little fresh lemon juice from half a lemon to the bananas as this will prevent them from turning brown.

For the cream, mix the egg yolks with the flour, sugar and a little milk in a bowl until you get a smooth texture, then cook them in the remainder of the milk on medium low heat.

Here you will need to be careful to stir often as it begins to thicken so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.

Pour thickened cake cream into another mixing bowl and allow to cool. When the cream has cooled to luke warm add your margarine and stir until completely incorporated.

When it came time to what one would think was the easiest part, the pressurized whipped cream, it turned into a nightmare. On our third attempt we had used all of the pressurized whipped cream up, so we went vintage and tried to do it the old fashioned way, make it from scratch.

Needless to say while I remember making it with my grandmother with the old hand held beater, all I really learned was how to lick the beater.

So now that you have everything in place, it’s time to put it all together. Starting with the first crust, place it as your bottom layer, place a layer of cream on top of that and then add your sliced bananas. Spread one layer of whipped cream over the bananas.
Take your second layer of crust and place on top of the first layer. Place a layer of cream on top and then place Kiwi over the cream. And then spread whipped cream across the Kiwi.

Take the final piece of cake crust and lay it on top, then add the a layer of cream to the top.Add your strawberries and cover with whipped cream. And finally ice the entire cake with the whipped cream so it is covered. Place in the fridge while everything sets for at least a half hour.

Take it out of the fridge and give praise that your third attempt did not end up as Vincent Price science experiments. Cut, place on plate and eat this wonderfully light, sweet, and fruity cake.

Enjoy your meal!

by Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro Crew and Greta

British dose of sweetness

Hello Darlings :)

This wonderful sunday I will introduce you with amazing brand British retro!

I had a lovely afternoon with my dear friend and model Tamara Kamikaze and amazing photography team Igor Dugandzic and Marija Gasparovic. We created a collection of beautiful retro/fashion photos and relive the atmosphere of sweet 50's. I was wearing my lovely "Fancies dress" with supercute cupcake print and "Veronica Rouge" dress.

Tamara was wearing "Venus" dress. Petticoat (Ivory), as main detail for 50's fullcircle dress style , also made by British Retro.

I am also wearing my violet vintage nylon/chiffon scarf which blended perfectly with my "cupcake" outfit as well!

"Veronica Rouge" outfit is compleated with amazing Glitter Paradise accessories (lovely hair flower and burgundy confetti /lucite golden triangle 50's style earrings). Whenever, wearing these dresses I feel like a "Stepford Wife".

These days I had a small chat with British Retro crew and also find some great infos and inspirations about BR brand.

So...British Retro is young retro "made in UK" brand specialising in bringing you elegant vintage style dresses from the good old days. British retro crew represent you gorgeous vintage-style clothing that will transport you back to a time of elegance and finesse with a touch of naughty, Pin Up cheekiness.

British Retro was started by David Thomas who’s background is 15 years in the London fashion industry and Claire Ladosu who graduated in 2008 from London’s famous St Martins College Of Fashion, where the likes of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano’s career’s first started.

They initially had a love of historical clothing from the 15th century renaissance, to the 18th century dandies but had to be practical knowing they would not sell this type of apparel. Therefore as British retro team loved the elegance and finesse of the 40’s and 50’s too and had a penchant for smoky classic films, they decided to embrace the clothing of these eras. Main BR aim was to bring an element of light-hearted gorgeousness with a whiff of tradition to dresses and ‘hey presto’ British Retro was born!

BR vowed never to manufacture in China or the Far East and to only utilise local factories and suppliers. With this they found that could be very hands on and thus a blossoming relationship developed between BR and London based factory. Through building these crucial bonds, this enabled BR brand to dabble with lots of new styles and turn around garments very quickly to offer continuous variety to BR customers throughout the year.

They also wanted to prove to the industry that fabulous dresses could still be made and sold at a reasonable price using British trade.

Thank You, BR team for lovely chat.

Enjoy in pics and pastel colors :)

Yellow nylon scarf...

Hello darlings :)

I had a wonderfull bright bath pin up photosession with talented Maja Štasni Photography from Zagreb so I am going to share some pics but also...show off some skin ;)

I am waring my 1950's chiffon nylon scarf/bandana and can tell that I am absolutely obsessed with these practical scarves, which can be worn in many diferent ways. I found originally scarfs @our vintage flea market and have them in almost all colours...Now I am  diging for indigo and petrol blue one because I am in blue phase :)

When you are having a bad hair day and don't know what to do with your hair or you just want to save pin curls - nylon chiffon scarf is perfect solution.

photo by: Maja Štasni

saving pin curls...

Goodie Box

Wierdo wearing favourite yellow nylon scarf :D

It actually very easy to wear nylon scarf but don't forget to get the bow right and to tease your hair.

Check You tube videos for many amazing pin hairstyles with nylon scarf (I suggest a video with creative Pinup Doll - Ashley Marie).


The smell of cakes, coffee and nostalgia...

Hello lovelies, maybe you have probably seen photosession done in 
Améliedelicious and domestic pastry shop/cafe located in Zagreb, Croatia...but I also think that you need to read a small story behind these photos...

Is there anyone who does not enjoy the ritual of coffee drinking, especially if it is done in good company with some sweet snacks? Now, add an romantic atmosphere of the old town and you've got Amélie. Amélie is not really a pastry shop, nor cafe. Amélie is a space dedicated to romance and homemade cakes, closeness, whispers and long-lasting discussions. 
I realized photosession with dear and talented Anja Photography (Anja Radikovic). We did shooting in less than an hour so we had some time to grab some cheesecake and coffee/tea. 
Our inspiration were pastel pink colors, flowers and of course cakes :) 

So... Amélie seemed like the perfect place to create story like that. 

Model: Greta MaCabre/Ivana Benko 
MUAH: Greta (me)
Photo by Anja Photography
location: Amélie

Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Motivi
Shirt/Top - H&M
Angora shirt - Vintage
Shorts - Second hand
Bakelite/lucite/plastic bangles mix - vintage/e-bay
Shoes: Bordello/HowCool.com 



Channeling old glamour for Svijet Magazine/Jutarnji list

Hello :)

Today I briefly decided to present you our vintage fashion editorial for "Svijet" - Jutarnji list magazine.

"Jutarnji list" is Croatian daily commercial newspaper with special sunday extra magazine "Svijet".

"Svijet" presented us&our pin up style to Croatian public with article and amazing pics by Marko Miščević. These days I got all pics from "Svijet" magazine that I would love to share.

So enjoy...:)

Models: Greta MaCabre (Ivana Benko), Angie Von Kruger (Ana Perduv), Martina Mijić (Miss MM).

Syle: Ana Galić and Barbara Jazvić

make up: Zdenka Mihelj
hair: Ivica Palinić

Locale: "Velvet" Zagreb

Style: Blonde (Martina) - lingerie: Scandale, fake fur stole: Zara, accessories: Accessories, gloves: Ulični Ormar

Redhead (me) - lingerie: Intimissimi, cardigan: Zara, accessories: Accessories

Brunette (Angie) - lingerie: Triumph, bra&hoisery: Scandale, Pink store, gloves: Accessories, accessories: Accessoiries, fake fur: Zara.

Librarian photoset: lingerie: Intimissimi, cardigan: Zara, accessories: Accessories, shoes: Zara

Channeling Rita - Skirt: vintage from Ulični Ormar (it's my favourite skirt <3), Shoes: Casadei, bra: Lisca, cardigan: Marks&Spencer, purse/clutch: Accessories

Channeling Bettie - lingerie: Scandale/Pink store, fake fur: Zara, Shoes: Aldo (also my fav), fascinator: Rock Rockabilly - Jessika Hill

Style: Brunette - lingerie/bra: Lisca, Shoes: Ulični ormar, accessories: Accessoiries, chincher: Woman's secret, fur: vtg rabbit

Blonde: lingerie&corset: Coquette, hosiery: Jadran, Shoes: Pura Lopez, black (bath)robe: H&M, accessories: Accessories

Redhead (me): Cardigan: Zara, body huber: Skiny, girdle: Women's secret, accessories: Accessories, shoes: Monsoon, hair accessories: Rock Rockabilly - Jessika Hill



American Diner Story

I proudly present you our little adventure at the first Croatian American diner “MekPers " (http://www.mekpers.com/). It is obvious that the main topic of our photo story was food.

Did you know that the first diner was created by Walter Scott (year 1872). Restaurants of this type were especially popular in 50's. The original diners were mobile and actual dining cars on railways.

The American diner decor has changed over the years and somehow stepped on 50's architecture, but also kept a lot „art deco“ visual elements.

B/W tiles, comfortable chairs and sofas, that look like a classic car interior from the 1950 's, colorful dining room with American interior, and traditional cuisine... these are the main qualities of American diners. First diner clients were members of the working class, but later diners gained special status in society, particularly among middle class youth.
American Diner wasn't just a place where you could have a great meal, it was a place where you've a great time because main characteristics of such a diner is domestic and informal atmosphere. Diner became a part of the American culture. Food is also traditional and typical American; sandwiches, hamburgers, fried cheese, eggs and for dessert classic American pancakes... and to drink – Coke and coffee. So... after a small presentation of our colorful and cute place, I present to you our photo story.

Models and make-up: Greta MaCabre (Ivana Benko) and TamaraKamikaze

Photographer: Tomislav ValentAssistant: Maja Brčić
Hair: Greta MaCabre
Costumes: pastel striped shirts are actually from grandmother.
Shoes: Bordello-Pleaser / Private
Cardigans: Collectif
Nylon scarf: my / vintage

Cute aprons are made by amazing Charmel Clowny - Charmel 's Creative Corner (https://www.facebook.com/CharmelsHandmade) and the adorable jewelry made by Milushka - http's://www.facebook.com/milushka.jewelry.I would love to introduce you with Miluška and Charmel... so...

Who is hiding behind Milushka accessories?

Milushka is eternally inspired crafts(wo)man and self-taught designer - Mila Juricic. Her favorite fashion era is a time between 20's and 60's. It was a time when women were still feminine, but also very attractive and sophisticated. Her philosophy is hedonism and she considers that we shouldn't limit our enjoyment, especially chocolate, located at the top of hedonistic pleasures. So chocolate and sweets deserve a special place in the world of jewelry! Mila thought it would be nice to mix cookies with the rockabilly theme, so she creates her jewelry collection called „Rockabilly Cupcakes“ (photos).„Rockabilly Cupcakes“ are typical cupcakes/muffins in colorful cups (symbol of American pop culture) with cherries, red roses, bows, sugar skulls, swallows, dices, anchors etc.... and all that we associate with the rockabilly scene. Mila loves Imelda May and also believes that Imelda inspired her for the numerous jewelry combinations, so she is her muse. Food, books and music are not only an inspiration for Mila, she said that the main inspiration for her creations are simply wonderful people.

Who is Charmel 's Creative Corner?

Real Charmel's name is Barbara Buhin. Charmel's love for sewing and design started very early, while she was still a child. She learned a lot about sewing from her grandmother. In textile high school, she realized all the charms of the design and clothing manufacture. Over the years, she collaborated with some prominent Croatian designers and for the last few years, she is making costumes for dance studio "Celtic fantasy". First she made retro aprons for herself and friends. Today her clothes and aprons are well recognized and she has loyal customers. It's interesting that every apron each is unique and special. Charmel's aprons and clothing are made to show how women can be sexy and special in some situations where it isn't expected – in the kitchen. She finds inspiration everywhere, and one of her favorite designers in recent years is Valentino.

I thank all those who participate in the realization of the "American Diner " story: „MekPers“crew and owners, Tamara Kamikaze, Miluška, Charmel, Tomislav Valent and Maja Brčić.

Croatian review:

S ponosom predstavljam našu malu avanturu u prvoj hrvatskoj “American Diner” zalogajnici “MekPers” (njihov link: http://www.mekpers.com/). Tema naše današnje priče je – hrana. Ali ne ona na tanjuru, već ona “nosiva”.

S većim očekivanjem Hrvatska je konačno dobila svoj veći “diner” tj. zalogajnicu. Što je to “diner”? Prvi diner otvorio je (ili bolje rečeno stvorio) Walter Scot, godine 1872. Zalogajnice tog tipa bile su posebno popularne u Americi 1950′s godina. U početku dineri su bili mobilini i u rangu kioska, (baš kao i naš “MekPers” koji je s vremenom “narastao“ u pravi restoran). Dekor američke zalogajnice mijenjao se godinama i nekako je stao na arhitekturi 50′tih godina ali su se dosta zadržali i elementi art deco arhitekture . Dakle, crno-bijele pločice, udobni separei koji svojim izgledom asociraju na unutrašnjost oldtimera iz 1950′s, blagovaonice koje neodoljivo podsjećaju na tradicionalnu američku kuhinju…Prvi dineri su bili namjenjeni za radničku klasu, no kasnije dobili su poseban status u društvu, posebice među mladima srednje klase. U dineru se nije samo jelo već družilo, a glavna karakteristika takvih zalogajnica je upravo domaća i neformalna atmosfera. Američka zalogajnica tj. diner postao je i ostao dio američke kulture. Hrana je također tradicionalna tj. tipična američka, a toga se drži i naš “MeKPers”. Dakle…sendviči, hamburgeri, (MeKPers ima svoj poseban recept – Zloburger od kojeg pucaju gumbi na hlačama,)pohani sir… a za desert američke palačinke. Od pića najpraktičnije je sve to zaliti colom. “MekPers” u svom asortimanu hrane i pića nudi i ukusne tortilje, tako da sam ipak našla nešto za sebe
.Dakle… nakon male prezentacije naše šarene lokacije, predstavljam vam našu priču!

Modeli i make up: Greta MaCabre (ja) i Tamara Kamikaze

Fotograf: Tomislav Valent
Asistent: Maja Brčić
MUA: Greta MaCabre
Kardigani: Collectif
Kostimi: pastelne prugaste košulje su zapravo u ex-vlasništu moje bake i dugo sam zapravo čekala ovakvu priliku i priču za njih.

Cipele: Bordello/privatno

Šifonske/nylon marame: moje/vintage
Pregače su by Charmel’s creative corner(https://www.facebook.com/CharmelsHandmade) a za presladak nakit se pobrinula Milushka –https://www.facebook.com/milushka.jewelry.

Ukratko ću vas upoznati s Miluškom i Charmel i njihovim predvnim i kreativnim radovima.

Tko stoji iza Miluške?

Iza Milushke stoji vječito inspirirana rukotvorka te samouka dizajnerica, u ovom slučaju – nakita, tridesetpetogodišnja majka troje djece i nikad odrasla dejvojčica Mila Juričić. Najdraža modna era, kako Mila kaže i kako se da naslutiti, je ona između 20ih i 60ih prošlog stoljeća, onog doba kad su žene još uvijek bile ženstvene, a opet dovoljno samosvjesne da naglase svoj seksipil. Miluškina filozofija je hedonizam i zato je smatrala da se u tome ne treba ograničavati u uživanju samo jednim osjetilom a budući da se slatkiši, ponajprije čokolada, nalaze na samom vrhu hedonističkih užitaka, činilo joj se da zaslužuju svoje mjesto ne samo u svijetu gastronomije, vec i u svijetu nakita – kad su već tako vizualno atraktivni! Mila je smatrala kako bi bilo zgodno spojiti kolačiće s temom “rockabilly”, tako je nastala kolekcija „Rockabilly Cupcakes“ (koje nosimo Tamara i ja). To su popularni cupcakesi u šarenim košaricama (kao jedan od simbola američke pop kulture) i kao ukrasi se pojavljuju trešnjica, crvena ruža, mašna, sugar skull, lastavica, kocke, sidro… itd., odnosno sve ono što povezujemo s rockabilly pokretom. Mila tj. Miluška najviše voli stil Imelde May. Smatra da ju je upravo ona podsvjesno inspirirala na već spomenuti spoj kolača i rokabillyja. Osim u hrani, u muzici, u knjigama, Mila se inspirira jednostavno – prekrasnim ljudima.

Tko stoji iza Charmel’s creative corner?

Iza Charmel se krije Barbara Buhin. Charmelina odnosno Barbarina ljubav prema šivanji i dizajnu je počela vrlo rano, dok sam još uz baku učila šivati i vesti. U srednjoj tekstilnoj školi je spoznala sve čari konstrukcije i izrade odjeće. Tokom godina ostvarila je suradnje s poznatim hrvatskim dizajnerima a zadnjih nekoliko godina izrađuje kostime za Plesni studio “Celtic fantasy”. Odjeću i retro poregače je prvo počela izrađivati za sebe i prijateljice. S obzirom da se pojavio veliki interes za njima počela ih je izrađivati za vjerne kupce. Izrada samih pregača je jako veseli jer je svaka unikatna i posebna. Charmel kaže da bi voljela omogućiti ženama da budu posebne onda kada se to ni ne očekuje – u kuhinji. Inspiraciju pronalazim posvuda, a jedan od najdražih dizajnera zadnjih godina mi je Valentino, kaže nam Charmel.
Zahvaljujem svima koji su sudjelovati u realizaciji “American Diner” priče: ekipi iz “MekPersa”, Tamari Kamikaze, Miluški, Charmel. Tomislavu Valentu i Maji Brčić.

"Bon Appétit" :)