Yellow nylon scarf...

Hello darlings :)

I had a wonderfull bright bath pin up photosession with talented Maja Štasni Photography from Zagreb so I am going to share some pics but also...show off some skin ;)

I am waring my 1950's chiffon nylon scarf/bandana and can tell that I am absolutely obsessed with these practical scarves, which can be worn in many diferent ways. I found originally scarfs @our vintage flea market and have them in almost all colours...Now I am  diging for indigo and petrol blue one because I am in blue phase :)

When you are having a bad hair day and don't know what to do with your hair or you just want to save pin curls - nylon chiffon scarf is perfect solution.

photo by: Maja Štasni

saving pin curls...

Goodie Box

Wierdo wearing favourite yellow nylon scarf :D

It actually very easy to wear nylon scarf but don't forget to get the bow right and to tease your hair.

Check You tube videos for many amazing pin hairstyles with nylon scarf (I suggest a video with creative Pinup Doll - Ashley Marie).

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