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Finally I got all my pics from amazing photo session for 100% retro - chich French brand VON 50's
This brand has been created to reach three goals: let women reclaim their femininity and curves, rediscover quality, and offer all of us a maximum of self-confidence. The 1950’s represent the lead of French Haute-Couture worldwide with Dior, Chanel, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain, Madame Grès, Nina Ricci, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin … 
Sophistication, Elegance and Quality are motivations for their creations.

     me wearing La Parisienne dress, location: Opera House

I am still so excited about that photo session and it was a wonderful experience! I was chosen to be the "face" of their brand, and in all aspects working and modeling for them was even more than professional. I spent five beautiful days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Paris. VON 50 is Paris, so I think there is no better place that can represent this brand. Lately, I've often thought how nice it would be to visit Paris, which has recently been the main destination of my dreams. You know what they say about wishes, be careful what you wish for...I wasn't careful, I was just lucky and awarded. 

By profession I am a historian so the trip to Paris was an extremely valuable and joyous experience. After two days of shooting, for 8am to 8pm, exploring the historic Paris was special treat for me. It was a truly exciting time to be in Paris. I visited all the amazing locations that had planned on visiting, and was really lucky the hotel where I was located in was in the heart of city, close to Opera House (Golden Tulip). I went to Galleries Lafayette, kinky Pigalle Street, saw the Eiffel tower by night, Moulin Rouge, spent some quality time with the Notre Dame Gargoyles, visited the Opera House...and enjoyed many not so known but no less beautiful places and streets in Paris. 

View for my window...early morning.

I spent almost 7 hours in Louvre and I just can't describe the feeling and energy that I felt when I walked beside all these historically and socially important works of art, from which the energy of strong people who created them still seems to almost radiate.

Exploring Louvre, Galerie d'Apollon, ancient Egypt, Napoleon's apartments and many many more...

Mona Lisa and stupid selfie

On the streets of Paris I have seen H&M and Chanel, vintage and modern fashions walking down the streets of Paris and all coexisting together. I saw scarves, polka dot skirts, denim, red lipstick and smokey eyes all being worn according to a person’s own taste and twist which makes it interesting but never vulgar. People are so relaxed and really charming; the Parisian charm is not just a myth! Of course I tried the French cuisine: cheeses, pastis, and wine and enjoyed their bistros and a few clubs near Opera.

Notre Dame 

 Finally...I have met them.


I enjoyed relaxed walks by the Seine, where many Parisians, regardless of age and status, like to chill, drink wine and eat classic French snacks after a busy day. Mix of all that awakened an inner romantic hedonist in me and I was really doleful when I had to go back to Zagreb, but in January we'll start a new modeling project for VON 50's, but I'm still not sure if main location will be Paris again or ...maybe Monaco. You will see! It will be France! 

VIDEO from photoset for VON50's:

With all that I've met a wonderful lady and wise business woman, Emilie Bellan-Payrault, main owner of VON'50's and creative and professional photographer/director Cyril Manzini. We were a great team and all in all we had great time! Oh, yes I must not forget shy Lulu, the Siamese cat, our rent-a-cat star and Mr. Gold Fish. First part of photosession was studio and second was editorial at four wonderfull and classic locations, Opera House, Colonnes de Buren, Theatre de Comedie and Place Vendome (Ritz).

 VON 50's did collaboration with Woody Ellen, so all clutchs, bags and purses are by Wood Ellen. Shoes are by ASOS. 


making off VIDEOS and photos:
model and also MUAH: me, I am wearing S and XS size, is 1m72 tall and my current measurements 91-68-95cm.

VIDEO: Femme Fatale look, I am wearing La Femme Fatale Dress. 

VIDEO: I am wearing Poupoupidou blouse & Bon Baiser skirt.

Oh, that dress was my favourite. It's is inspired with 50's Dior and famous Dita Von Teese Dior dress.

VIDEO: La Parisienne dress in grey, chestnut and black.
Fascinators are by Jessika Hill (RockRockabilly, for chestnut dress and Jazzafine, pieces full of verve for black dress)


VIDEO: I am wearing Poupoupidou blouse & Salon Privé pencil skirt, Woody Ellen bag.
We decide to leave elegant Daniel Wellington watch, my daily companion.

I am wearing BCBG top & Bon Baiser skirt, Woody Ellen clutch. 

VIDEO: For perfect office style, inspired with Mad Man, I am wearing Lido skirt, Pour Toujours silk top


VIDEO: I am wearing Adopte-moi, J'aime ma robe & Opéra dress. I love J'aime ma robe dress, it's somewhat oriental.

Channeling Dovima! 

VIDEO: Boss style :) Jolie Jacket & Lido pencil skirt

VIDEO: Belle Journée dress

VIDEO: Si Raffinee dree, Woddy Ellenn clutch, next to the Theathre De Comedie. 

VON 50' Vogue Jacket & Bon Baiser skirt at art instalation - Colonnes De Brunen. 

and for the end VIDEO: La Petite Franciase at Place Vendome. 

For more pictures, informations and purchase visit http://www.von50.com/ and follow me on Instagram, Greta MaCabre Official instagram - gretagardner
Photo by Cyril Manzini . 


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