Coven style

Hello Darlings...

Today only style post :)

I hope that you had good Samhain, that you carved you pumpkin, lit a candle for your ancestors and Mother Nature, prepared some halloween food and that you are enjoying autumn colors...This Halloween I am inspired with haute macabre, dark, feminine fashion, inspired with witchy - coven style because I also love American Horror Story - Coven...I was inspired with dark 90's with some late 70's elements.  I am wearing my H&M headgear, laced-rivets top also from H&M, Zara pencil skirt and Jessica Simpson black wedges. Horned bird skull (it's metal skull) necklace by Made with Rock'n'Billy, bullet bra: What Kattie Did (read more about What Kattie Did and bullet bra style)
Umbrella by Hrvatski Kisobran by Ivana Popovic, MUAH by me. 

I wish you wonderfull autumn and enjoy pics by Ivo Turk. 
Location is wonderfull Sljeme, Zagreb.


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