Vintage with a modern twist

Hello darlings...

Today I am simple, in black...

I've been hunting for a perfect 1940's playsuit and finaly...got one!

My style inspiration was simplicity of famous lady in pants and hawksian woman Lauren Bacall.

Summer is near and I was looking for something simple, but elegant and comfortable,casual but feminine, so Miss Candyfloss "Sheila-Lee" playsuit is a great choice for me...now I can run, play, jump, stroll... without a hitch but also look very elegant! The playsuit has a pantskirt that allows comfort and at the moment it's my favourite piece in the closet.

The fabric is a medium weight soft fabric with 3% spandex allowing for magnificent comfort despite the one piece design of the garment. The playsuit has short cap sleeves sleeves, 2 front and 2 back pockets. Belt is also included.

Jasenka Arbanas and me took advantage of a sunny day (These spring days here are pretty rainy...) and walked along Zagreb old town and photos were created...

I combined playsuit with simple ALDO flats and Jazzafine. pieces full of verve fascinators. I am also wearing my favourite pink flamingo brooch.

Purse is Miss White by Woody Ellen.

Miss Candyfloss tries to keep it more about the brand than about the people behind it, as what they do is the most important. The results and the feedback they receive from customers is what matters, not the people behind the brand.

They found a style that is beautiful and feminine in; the 40s and 50s style. It is an era that feels like "home" for us. That is the reason why Miss Candyfloss balances it with modern style; 40's-50's with a modern twist.

Miss Candyfloss is a Swedish brand catering to modern women whom love 40´s and 50´s styled clothes, strive to develop exquisite classic feminine garments that are not mass produced. By incorporating care, thought and empathy in every stage of product development they are determined to create unique garments that distinguish from the rest.

Miss Candyfloss’s goal is to be the brand that supplies women unique and wearable apparel products that takes them back to the golden era of the glamorous dames and sexy pin-up styled ladies. Their long-term objectives are to deliver garments that can be worn by mothers and later handed down to daughters.

They are determined to inspire customer loyalty by delivering garments that look timeless yet have a long lifetime wearability. Modern fabric characteristics such as wrinkle resistance, soft hand, launderability, durability and wicking are important aspects for current lifestyles.
It's conceptualized in Sweden by a team of fashion and lifestyle professionals, who sell what they wear and wear what they love. Miss Candyfloss is designed in Sweden and manufactured in Transylvania.

Miss Noemi and Miss Adele (Miss Candyfloss owners and vintagers), were born in Transylvania and feel that it is important to give back to our previous community rather than outsourcing to low cost labor countries. They are very passionate about what they do and work very hard to accomplish goals. In order to succeed with anything in life, you need to put in blood sweat and tears.

At the end of the day, these lovely ladies do not call Miss Candyfloss our job, it is their life. So...choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I asked Noemi to give us advice for perfect pin up style, and she said; "I don't really have any pin up style advice. Just be comfortable in what you wear and your style because confidence and high self-esteem shines brighter than any type of lipstick. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with red lipstick." I agree :)

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