Pavilion of Fun

Hello darlings, new blogpost today...

It was another bright and sunny day in Zagreb, perfect for colorful photosession.

Since it's spring and I am obsessed with bright colors so we decided to visit - funhouse. We find small oldlschool amusement park in my neighborhood, that perfectly fit in our story ...and fun began!

Our goal was to create tender but also whimsicaly wacky atmosphere. Unfortunately we did not have some cotton candy to spice up the atmosphere ...maybe next time :)

Would like to thank Madi (Amusement park) for hospitality and some six graders from neighbourhood who entertained us during breaks :D
Photos are by dear Jasenka Arbanas Photography and make up by my friend Monika Dugic.

Hair by me :)

Wonderfull bags are by talented Woody Ellen (I choose pink Honey Bird set). Woody Ellen is a Belgian illustrator and figurative painter. She creates her very own cabaret. A world where everything is a little more vivid and vibrant than in our own pragmatic surroundings. Just like thoughts pop in and out, she paints pictures. The story will finally tell itself. They are printed on water-resistant fibre.

Our dresses are made by Lady V London.

I am wearing
Teal Green Butterfly Swing Dress, ivory peticoat by Lady V London and white chiffon nylon scarf/bandana (vtg). Shoes by Guess. Earings by Glitter Paradise.

The dress features a full circle 1950s style flared skirt, a fitted bodice & really cute small capped sleeves - these dresses ooze so much style and class! The neckline at the front is square cut and the dress fastens with a zip at the back. We have photographed the dress using a 1950s style petticoat (which helps to show the fullness of the skirt) and wearing one with the dress will really create the 'Vintage' look - although it is certainly not essential and the dress sits very nicely without.

Tamara is wearing Emerald Green 'Rosanie' Dress with RockRockabilly hair accessories. Shoes by H&M, accessories are vtg. Brand New to Lady V London. The "Lady Vintage" 'Rosanie' Dress features a 1950s style flared skirt and hidden pockets! The dress has a high neck at the front and a V neckline at the back, which creates an extremely classy and elegant look. There is a zip fastening at the back. The dresses are true 1950s length. This dress is lined around the bust (not in the skirt).

Who is "V"?

Lady V London was founded in 2011, but garment manufacturing has been a part of our family for over 60 years. .

Lady V London was born by husband and wife team, Sergio and Victoria, from a vision to create fantastic classic dress designs at affordable prices. We believe in providing customers with stunning dresses in vintage designs – with original and highly desirable prints, and above all, fantastic quality. Lady V London aims to make your customer experience enjoyable from start to finish, and will always give you something extra providing you with a timeless dress that will be used time and time again, and provide you with many happy memories.

All dresses are designed in house at Lady V London. Until June 2013, all dresses had been made within the EU. We have never made our dresses outside of the EU and do not approve of making garments in China.

The London clothing trade has been a part of Sergio’s family for three generations, spanning six decades. Sergio’s grandmother, Christalla, travelled all the way from Cyprus to London in 1953, at the age of just 21 on the promise from a friend (who she conversed with only by letter) that she would be able to get a job in a factory in Warren Street, making garments for Marks & Spencer.

Sergio’s father worked for over 25 years as a freelance pattern cutter, and also owned a factory in the heart of East London himself. Sergio’s uncle is still a pattern cutter today for one of the biggest labels in the UK. In the mid-90s nearly all of the factories manufacturing garments in the UK were forced to close due to other countries joining the EU and trade becoming much cheaper abroad. As a result a lot of highly skilled workers lost their jobs. Lady V London is determined to bring the skilled workers back to work in London, and have invested in the future of London garment manufacture.Having never left Cyprus, or ever having gone on a overseas in any way, Christalla spent 10 days on a ship (on her own) on the way to her new life. Using only the skills she had been taught by her mother, Christalla spent fifteen happy years working in the London factory, and still owns her ‘Singer’ sewing machine. Sergio’s other grandmother also travelled over from Cyprus and worked in the ‘rag’ trade her whole life in London, working in some of London’s oldest clothing factories. She set up her own mini brick built factory at the bottom of her garden, where she made clothes for some of the high street’s best known names that are still in business today!

Making Lady Vintage in London culminates three generations’ worth of high quality women’s garment manufacture in London - this has been particularly close to our heart since the very beginning of Lady V London.

Lady V Vintage is a British Brand, a British Factory, and British Workers.

Hope you guys had fun and color overdose :)

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