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Hello Darlings.

Today I will present you amazing Safari spring/summer collection by french brand Von50's. For almost two years I am working with them as a stylist, promotor and main model. This is certanly a big honor for me. So...again in Paris <3 Mon Amour...

Von 50's is definitely not a regular repro/retro brand.
For their pieces they are choosing the best materials and patterns, Von 50' has been created to reach three goals: let women reclaim their femininity, rediscover their curves, offer all of them a maximum of self-confidence. 

In my last post for fall/winter 2014-2015 I said more about Von50's visons and styles and my experience with them. For this collection, as you can see, we were inspired with classic Dior but also with exotic details, other cultures, patterns, materials and accessories. 

Those who follow my blog already know that I adore mix my style with some tropical and etno details. I think that details and colors complete the style. For this shooting our stylist and designer was Sergio Alvarez, that also collaborated with Balmain. 

We shoot in beautiful villa in La Sucrerie region near Paris. Villa was amazing, interior was in the spirit of African culture. I felt like we are shooting in hot Morocco. Actually, that was the point. I felt like a femme fatale in a spy movie in 1950's. 

 Sergio and me, wearing Impala dress

With collection we combined mostly vintage accessories, jewelery, vintage chiffon scarfs and vintage shoes by Salvatore Feraggamo. We thoroughly choose golden, amber and wodden jewellery for details.

Lido skirt Video 

Lots of love and creativity has been invested in this colorful collection. Mission accomplished :)

So...enjoy Von50's lookbook and get the look.
Looking forward for autumn collection. 


Impala Dress Video 

Inspiration for details...and shoes :) 

Jungle Top and Lido Skirt

Dune Top and Mademoiselle skirt

Dune Top and Skirt 

Lido Skirt Kaki

With this combinatiom I am wearing my chiffon vintage scarf and yellow flats + yellow knitted bag 
+ Dita Von Teese sunglasses <3 

Bon Baiser Skirt 

Orange Monaco top, Blue Baiser skirt

Jungle Top and almond green skirt

More looks and styles on www.Von50's.com

Photo by Cyril Manzini 
MUAH: me 
XoXo <3

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