Lucky 2015

Hello Darlings,

Hope you had glamorous New Year's Eve! Don't forget to be positive in 2015 but also gratefull because gratitude is the key for peacefull soul. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. 2015 will be year of the Jupiter. Jupiter is my astrological planet but it's also planet of Luck. So...Wishing you all a happy and lucky new year!

My girl Tamara and me prepare a signed pin up callendar for all! So...
It is a High quality print, 13 pages in A3 format, spiral bound,for all of us to enjoy throughout the whole 2015.
This is a great, rare opportunity to get so many photos and in such good quality, including a signature and a personal message by the models themselves,for only 20€ (postage included)
Just follow this link —> http://www.tamarakamikaze.com/store/
This offer stands til 29th December, so don’t miss your chance!
The design is by Villy Villy

Also special thanks to my dearest and beautiful (inside and outside) friend Tamara Kamikaze for all help and kind words during 2014, hope that 2015 will bring us many fun, work and rockabilly gigs :)

Check our callendar:

XoXo from Pepper (Tamara) and Ginger (Greta) :)

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