Petrol "Ice Cream" Dress

Hello Darlings!

I had collaboration with BANNOU brand from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bannou is clothing brand of Faranak Mirjalili, designer and co-founder of brand I Love Vintage. I choose amazing petrol "Ice cream" dress with pockets, petrol blue and green are my favourite colors. So...the Ice Cream Dress is a great piece for every wardrobe. With the zipper at the front, you can choose how you want your neckline. Because of the seams under the bust, the dress makes a perfect cup. The short sleeves and pockets makes the dress unique.
The Ice Cream is available in black, petrol, red, mexican blue and green.


So who is she and what does she stand for? We like to think of her as a women who feels confident in her body, no matter in what shape or size she comes in. She draws inspiration from many decades in the past and knows that 'trends' are as temporary as a woman's very own mood. So rather then choosing to follow the trend, she likes to choose what fits her body, personality and character the best, in whatever stage of life she might be. She could easily dress up as a glamorous 50's diva for that wedding, go to work in high waisted trousers or a pencil skirt, and quickly change into a quirky 70's dress and flip-flops for that evening stroll in the park.

I LOVE VINTAGE is brand for modern women who feel they can freely express their femininity using the classic era's and silhouettes as inspiration.
ILV was founded by brother and sister, Babak and Faranak Mirjalili in 2006. What started out as a hobby for Faranak in 2005, grew in a few years into Europe's leading e-commerce company in the vintage and indie-designer space.
In 2013, Faranak has put all her vision and knowledge into ILV's very own line named BANNOU; a fashion brand dedicated to bring the best of the classic era's with a new, modern philosophy by choosing to be as socially and environmentally friendly as possible, throughout the entire supply-chain.

BANNOU is a socially and environmentally responsible brand and each BANNOU comes with a Sustainability Pyramid Tag that shows you how green your piece exactly is.
This pyramid illustrates the different sustainability levels of BANNOU's designs. Level one is at the top: these items are made of durable materials, certified according to social standards and dyed in an environmentally friendly way. Or they are made from recycled materials. However, there are few pieces that are classified as level one. The second level relates to items that are made of durable materials but these are not environmentally friendly dyed (or she can’t ascertain that yet). Level three items are made from natural materials, but not necessarily organic. The transition between different levels is by no means a hard one.
BANNOU items are made in a sewing atelier in Romania under supervision of our founder.

With dress I am wearing "Sophisticated hair flowers" blue lillie https://www.facebook.com/sophisticatedlady.accesories and my classic black flats.

Photo by Izzy, hair by Maja "Ukrasni Kutak" and mua by Michelle Milardovich


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