WW2 1940's and early 50's Day Dresses (style post)

Hello darlings...

I decided to create weekly "dress post".

So...today I will start with wonderfull classic 40's Amelia, Navy Tea Dress by vintage brand Lindy Bop. I wrote some posts about Lindy Bop brand. Dresses are inspired with WW2 era. During WW2 dresses got shorter (just mid-knee.) and were more simpler but equally glamorous as well as before and after the war. Hair styles were up-dos (hair pulled up at the back and curled on top) and sometimes braids.

Second dress is comfy Julliet, 40's - 50's polka dot dress by Lindy Bop.

Third dress is lovely Amie, Black 40's - 50's polka dot dress with pearls by Lindy Bop.

And last dress is lovely Dottie, red/black polka dot tea dress inspiured by early 50's by Lindy Bop. You can also purchase brown/red "Dottie". I love those dresses,

Classic hair do is made my my friend Maja and for make up is responsible amazing Michelle.

I am wearing hair fascinator by Jessika Hill and RockRockabilly brand. 

photo by Izzi and model me :)

1. Amelia dress

2. Julliet dress

3. Amie dress

4. Dottie dress


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