Redhead and apples

Hello Darlings...

Finally new style post...I am sooo busy these days so had to make a break for social networks. Got new job, start new education, still miss my travel around China...but despite obligations modeling is always active so I did amazing pics with amazing young bosnian photographer and lady Amra Topic in sunny botanical garden, located in main Zagreb core.

I am wearing light green Dagny jungle dress by Daisy Dapper, vintage brand with which I regularly collaborate.

I really like african, oriental and tiki print and details combined and crafted with pin up and vintage style. As a true historian I am fascinated by foreign (multi)cultures so that must be true reason
according to my fashion aesthetics.
We used my very good hair day and sunny time to create cool pics...hope those will inspire you.
So for that post I am wearing Daisy Dapper dress with always
affordable H&M leather jacket, my red open toe heels, vintage plastic basked and cat eye glasses.
MUAH by me :)
Hairband is custom made by RockRockabilly brand by my dear Jessika Hill.


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