White maCabre and cherry flowers

Hello dear readers :) 

I've been absent for some time but spring motivated me to create a new blog/photo post. I decide to improve this blog a little bit. Sometimes it's really difficult to find the time for some creative stuff.

These days I have done some feminine photos with Jasenka Arbanas Photography, we found some lovely blossom parts of the Zagreb city suburb. Spring in Zagreb is really gorgeous, the city has come to life again, people are more cheerful...only problem is my irritating allergy to pollen but I will survive it :)

For this occasion I am wearing

The Veronica Lake Dress Blue, 1940s/50s style, Blue and Pink floral tea dress by British Retro ( www.britishretro.co.uk/) and RockRockabilly accessories

(cherry lily flower - https://www.facebook.com/RockRockabilly)

with Glitter Paradise earings (http://glitterparadise.com).

MUAH: me

Enjoy the spring! Ah-Choo! :)

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