Marilyn Monroe and her Basset Hugo

Cheers...One of my fav pin up gals had bassethound, too! I didn't know that she was basset lover...ok I knew that ELvis also loved houndogs...because "they ain't nothing but a hound dogs" :) We have two little gals Elsa and Zelda. Zelda is still one cute spoiled puppy...it is unbelievable but these dogs make me laugh all day long :) ... even when they make wacky mess. You can not be mad on them for long. :) I hope that you will enjoj our pics too :) ...hope that's good intro for one amateur bloog newbie. 

"It may have seemed like Beauty and the Beast to some, but Marilyn and Hugo loved one another deeply. She worried about her basset hound, especially by Hugo's peculiar doggie hazards, such as, for instance, how to put it...the basset, as you many know, is a low-slung animal, moving close to the ground. Marilyn was anxious (she confided to me) that in hurrying over the rocky terrain of their farm. Hugo's low penis might possibly strike a stone. She'd cry out merrily, 'Be careful, Hugo!'.

The following excerpt is from the book "Marilyn Among Friends" by Sam Shaw

Greta :)

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